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Reaching Through Darkness

  The basil I planted in January sits on my windowsill, arching sturdy stems toward the light. I sit back from my computer and take a breath. I feel like those arching basil plants: desiring sunshine, planted a bit too early. Sometimes it feels as if I were born into the wrong time, or perhaps the wrong… Continue reading Reaching Through Darkness

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Invocation to the Morning

  Mother of the Eastern sky Keeper of the morning light Maiden of all that is new I stand before you Arms stretched; heart wide; mind open. Bless me with inspiration Favor me with insight Lay the knowing deep in my bones. Fill me with the breath of life that is carried upon the morning breeze… Continue reading Invocation to the Morning

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Prayer of Thanks to Inanna

Oh Lady, your breast is your field. Inanna, your breast is your field. Your broad field pours out plants. Your broad field pours out grain. Water flows from on high for your servant. Bread flows from on high for your servant. Pour it out, for me, Inanna. I will drink all you offer. ~Sumerian Hymn… Continue reading Prayer of Thanks to Inanna