Answering the Call of the Wild

Are you craving something wild? A way to connect to the Mystery, the mud and the moon? A tribe might be just what you need. Come gather in circle with like-minded women and listen to the call of the moon.



We have lost our Wild Woman nature. The implications for this are vast and varied, but in all cases, dire. In Western culture we have inherited the 2000 year old creation story of the transgressions of Eve. What did Eve do? Quite simply, she desired knowledge, ad by doing brought damnation, strife, death,  pain, poverty, violence, and misery to the world.

Like it or not, creation stories drive cultural views, and in this case, that didn’t turn out so well for women. We can look at the story of Eve and remind ourselves to eat the fruit of knowledge, to let no one set our boundaries, to honor and respect our wildish nature. In otherwords, to search for and nurture our inner Eve.

If you live locally, join us for our Moon Circles, we would love to have you! If you



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