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Reaching Through Darkness


The basil I planted in January sits on my windowsill, arching sturdy stems toward the light. I sit back from my computer and take a breath. I feel like those arching basil plants: desiring sunshine, planted a bit too early. Sometimes it feels as if I were born into the wrong time, or perhaps the wrong Universe. Like others who care deeply about the earth and all creatures who live upon it, I simply cannot fathom why I was born into a time where I possess the ability to see through the lies of the current paradigm, but feel pretty darn helpless to do a single thing about it.  At times, activism leaves me empty, drained; too much darkness, not enough light.

But like the basil, I reach. Plants do not give up and die because they were not planted into ideal circumstances. Sure, given enough time in lack they will eventually wither and die, but first they  will do everything in their power to survive. They grow roots to search out the good stuff below, and they arch their stems and move their leaves, always always reaching for the light.

I am in awe of the messages I find in the natural world. In awe of the way that light is provided in moments when I think I will finally succumb to the death dealing blow of the dark. I’m in awe of the way my roots grow, the way I continue to search and to seek, and am always rewarded with sustenance that allows me to continue on.

I wasn’t born into the wrong time or place. I believe I am here on purpose. I believe I am here to help usher in a better world. One where women are not “other”, one where peace is not weakness, one where all voices are heard and where all creatures, human and otherwise, have a voice.

I know I’m not alone in the reach. I know that there are women (and men) who are feeling the lack of light, who are tiring from the necessary battle to prevent the scales of justice from tipping too far in the favor of toxicity. If this is you, I want to say thank you. I want to remind you to “Be the basil”. To keep reaching, keep spreading out roots. Above all I want to remind you to rest, to take solace in the natural world, to take time to nurture your spirit.

The world needs you, keep reaching.



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