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Goddess Archetypes as Mystical Practice: Creating Sacred Space


Sacred. The word holds power. It is derived from the Latin word Sanctus, which means Holy. In a previous post, I expanded on what I believe is Holy. All that you are, and all that you do, is holy. You are sacred, and therefore all that you create with intent is  sacred too.

Creating sacred space is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves as we begin our journey. Sacred space can be a small corner of a dresser, or an entire elaborate altar. I have created several spaces around my home that are sacred to me. The one pictured above is situated at the base of my Bird of Paradise plant. Lined with glacial river stones and a few crystals and candles and graced with my precious Quan Yin, this is a place that I can visit, light incense, and still myself. It is a place that I can come when I need to remind me that I am Holy, and that all that exists outside of my windows, is holy too. Following is 5 ways you can create a sacred space of your own.

  1. Find Your Space. Take a journey around your home. Look at your space with a spiritual eye. Is there some place that speaks to your spirit? That seems just right? Use your intuition. You don’t have to think too hard about this. Altar space can always be moved or changed, which is one of the reasons that creating this space is a spiritual and creative endeavor.
  2. Things That Make You Say Ahhhh. You can begin this very minute if you like. Gather  things that have the power to drop you into that blissful place of peace. Suggestions include little items gathered from nature: leaves, twigs, pine-cones, stones and shells are always favorites, but the possibilities are as endless as the Earth Herself.
  3. The Elements: We will talk in more depth about the elements in a later post. But for now, try to find ways to incorporate the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water in your space.
    • A candle represents fire.
    • Incense, air.
    • Water can be held in any small container that you find pleasing, or, as in the case of my altar above, you can simply pour water in nourishment onto the plant.
    • Earth can be represented by salt, actual earth, stones, or any of the nature bits you collected.
  4. Intent: You will see me speak about intent many times throughout our time together. Intention holds the secret to our greatest power. Intending a space to be sacred, is a way of declaring the Holiness of what you have created.
  5. Sit and Be. One of the most overlooked steps in creating a personal, sacred space is the act of sitting and being with it. Set aside 5 or 10 minutes that you can have to yourself. Enter your space, light your candles and incense if you have them, and just be. Many things may enter your head at this time, but try to find the stillness of your creation. Feel your connection to all that is around you and let it expand. If you are able to do this for even a moment on a daily basis, your mind, body, and spirit will automatically drop into peace when you do.

I would love to see your creations. Feel free to post them in the comment section!


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