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Goddess Archetypes as Mystical Practice (Part One)


Women everywhere are waking up to the realization that religion, as it has been handed to them, excludes their full participation. They are lining up to hand in the tired and restrictive dogma, the repressive creed, and the divisive and confining labels and they are systematically exchanging them for a spirituality that is vast and wide, one that is as wild and expressive as they are remembering they are. And women are remembering. Make no mistake about it.

Dissatisfied with what was offered, women are doing what they do best, they are creating. They are becoming Wise Women, Holy Women, Women of the Mystery, Priestesses, Seers, and Shaman. They are donning the title of Witch, of Healer, of Diviner, and they worship the Divine as they see fit. They are carving out space for themselves, and for other women, in a patriarchal society that has crowded them out; taking back the rites, creating new ones, dancing the old dances, and singing the songs that live on in their bones.

The implications of this movement are great. The world is in trouble. For too long the patriarchal paradigm has pushed women aside and selfishly attended to its own agenda. This has led to an earth on the brink of ruin, to poverty, toxic work and living environments, toxic food, or no food at all. It has led to tainted drinking water, slavery, human trafficking, and war. It has created a form of masculinity that is toxic, and which pits everyone against each other in a mad climb to the dominance position at the top. No one has been more effected by this toxic paradigm across the globe than women and children have. It is women stepping into their power, standing together in circle, and speaking up and out that will change the world. But first, they must reclaim the lost places within themselves.

We are brought up to be divorced from our spirits, our bodies and our passions. We often begin to wake up to the reality around us, but have no map to lead us back to ourselves. Enter: Archetypes of the Divine Feminine. Through archetypes we can explore the mystery. We can reconnect with our spirits, our bodies, and our emotions. We can reconnect with the natural world and remember how we are part of it, within it, and of it. When women begin on this journey, they often have the overwhelming feeling of coming home. If this is you, welcome.

I will show you how to explore the world of the feminine divine by working with the archetypes of various Goddesses throughout time and place. Feel free to work with any of the Goddesses that we will be discovering in this series. If these Goddesses do not speak to your soul, you will also be given tools to archetypally explore the Deep Women’s Mysteries through any Goddess of your choosing.

Engaging in a practice that includes the divine as feminine has the power to change your perspective of the world around you, the other humans that inhabit the earth with you, and most importantly, it has the power to change who you know yourself to be by helping you to remember. Many women express a “deep remembering” as they begin to explore Goddess archetypes, as if they had forgotten something vital about who they were, who they were meant to be, and the power they carry within themselves to change the world.


The Goddess is waiting, and She is you.




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