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Everything is holy. Everything. The sun that is now rising in the East. The sirens that pierce the morning quiet in the West. The drought dry grass, the crows, the cows, the coffee in your cup. Your neighbor, who may seem as likely to be holy as a mosquito, is holy. Your kitchen, old, new, messy or clean is holy. Every person that you meet, every word that you read, every bite that you eat, holy, holy, holy. And you, you are holy too, because all of that is you, and all of you is connected to all things. We are one. All of us. Every single burst of energy that ever was, that ever will be. We are all one. There is no divider. There is no disconnect. That is illusion.

You are Holy. You are Magic. You are more than Enough. Know this, carry this into the world. Say it like a mantra with the rhythm of your feet as you walk into work, as you pick up your crying children, as you deal with disappointment, anger, frustration, boredom, joy, laughter, and sorrow. I am Holy. I am Holy. I am Holy. I am Enough.


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